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Economic Development
City of Commerce: The Model City
The City provides superior services to all of our residents. Commerce is unique in that it serves as home to about 13,000 people within the city limits, while at the same time over 60,000 people work or patronize over 1,800 businesses located in the City every day. Industry accounts for more than 60% of the city’s total land area, and is very important to the economic life of the City.

Preserving & Maintaining the City's Quality of Life
The commitment to economic development is reflected in the various services and programs that continue to fight blight, but also serve to preserve and maintain the City’s infrastructure which is vital to the quality of life for all residents.

Five-Year Capital Improvement Program Approval
The City Council recognizes the primary importance that an updated modern public infrastructure plays in economic development. It is the key to maintaining a vibrant / healthy local economy. As a result, the council recently approved a $61 million, five-year Capital Improvement Program to address infrastructure issues resulting from deferred maintenance and obsolescence.

Opportunity Sites
There are a variety of opportunity sites for development in the City of Commerce. Discover some by clicking on the following link: The City also partners with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments to offer a site prospector website at the following address: