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Pollution Prevention for Residents
How can you help?

As residents, we are all responsible for preventing stormwater pollution. Here are some things you can do:

  • Report illegal dumping, clogged catch basins, spills, sewer back-ups or water line breaks by calling 1-888-CLEAN-LA or emailing through the LA County Public Works website.
  • Take the polluter behavior quiz to find out if you are following correct best management practices (BMPs), including:  

              o Place litter in trash cans and recycle 
              o Pick up pet waste and dispose in garbage or toilet
              o Recycle used oil/filters and prevent automotive fluids from entering the storm drain
              o Follow integrated pest management practices (IPM) to reduce use of pesticides and 
              o Do not use pesticides or fertilizers if rain is in the forecast
              o Bag, compost or recycle yard/green waste 
              o Sweep outdoors instead of using a hose
              o Properly dispose of household hazardous waste, including paint 
              o Use a commercial car wash rather than washing cars at home
              o Follow correct swimming pool care procedures

  • Conserve water and do not let water runoff your yard, sidewalk or street and into curbside catch basins
  • Volunteer at a local event or attend a free workshop related to pollution prevention
              o City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles River Revitalization 
              o CleanLA 
              o City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program 
              o Friends of the Los Angeles River 
              o The River Project 
              o Heal the Bay 
              o California Coastkeeper Alliance 
              o Environment Now

For more information and educational materials and resources, visit Resources/Links.