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Waste Tires
The Problem
WASTE - Approximately 10 million waste tires are generated each year in Los Angeles County alone.

HEALTH - Improperly discarded waste tires are an ideal breeding ground and habitat for rodents and mosquitos which carry and spread diseases.

HAZARD - Tire stockpiles are a fire hazard which can cause air, water and soil pollution.

Illegal dumping of waste tires is punishable by jail time and/or a sizable fines under California Penal Code Section 374.3.

Beneficial Reuse
Recycled tires can be used for the following:

FUEL - As an alternate source of fuel for cement kilns and power plants.

SURFACES - Rubberized asphalt concrete is used in roadway construction and resurfacing.

STRUCTURAL SUPPORT - In engineering applications for impervious cover or cap material at landfills, waste containment, and erosion protection such as on steep slopes and retaining walls.

PADDING - Crumb rubber applications include carpet padding, tree rings, and floor mats.

The Solution
Recycle your used tires: Call (888) CleanLA or visit CleanLA for information on waste tire disposal facilities or call the following local companies:
Daniel's Tire Service
11850 Slauson Ave.
Santa Fe Springs
(562) 698-9401