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Sustainable Living Tips & CalRecycle Public Service Announcements
1. Recycle
2. Reuse and buy recycled products.
3. Leave your car behind one day a week and walk, bike or use public transportation instead.
4. Conserve energy by using energy-efficient light bulbs, appliances, heating and cooling 
    systems, and unplugging electronics not in use    .
5. Use less water by taking shorter showers and installing low-flow showerheads/toilets and  
    irrigation timers.
6. Use environmentally safe cleaning products that do not have VOCs and toxics.
8. Plant a tree.
9. Use online banking services and change to paperless bank statements and bills.

Call 1-800-RECYCLE to find a recycling center near you.

has developed a host of public service announcements (PSA's)to raise awareness on various issues, including various ways to protect our environment, to learn more click on the following link:  
CalRecycle PSA'S

Here are some additional tips for sustainable living brought to you by LA Stormwater Program.