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Construction & Demolition Recycling
The City of Commerce requires at least 50% of the total Construction & Demolition (C & D) debris generated by a Covered Project to be recycled or reused.  C & D forms must be completed and submitted with permit applications and can be obtained from the Planning or Building & Safety Divisions of the Community Development Department.

Covered Projects include:
  • All construction and tenant improvement projects requiring a permit pursuant to the L.A. County Building Codes;
  • Projects either 10,000 square feet or greater or have an existing or projected value of $10,000 or greater;
  • All demolition or grading projects of any valuation, and
  • All City-sponsored construction, demolition and renovation projects.

Exempt Projects include:
  • Projects less than 10,000 square feet or less than an actual value of less than $10,000 unless it's a demolition or grading project;
  • Work not requiring a building or demolition permit;
  • Detached single family residential structures and associated detached or attached accessory structures unless they represent significant reconstruction/remodel as determined by the Building Official;
  • Work requiring only a plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit;
  • Roofing projects that do not include removal of the existing roof; and
  • Demolition or construction required to protect public health or safety in an emergency, as defined in Public Resources Code Section 21060.3.

Construction & Demolition Materials
C&D Materials Recycling Guide