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Edison Company Programs
Home Energy Guide
Take advantage of simple ways to save money on your electricity bill. The Home Energy Guide offers tips on how to conserve your home energy usage. Get information on Building Materials, Heating and Cooling, Lighting, Kitchen Appliances, Laundry Appliances, and Office & Home Electronics.

Home Rebates, Incentives & Savings Tips
Plan on saving big with a variety of Energy Savings Plans, Rate Programs and Rebates that are right for you. Different people have different needs, but everyone likes to be energy efficient and save money.

Get useful information about rebates that you can qualify for by taking the Home Energy Advisor Survey online or mail a Paper Based Survey to:

Home Energy Advisor Survey
Profile Processing Center
155 Grand Avenue, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612

Let's Get Down To Business
Looking for ways to make your business more energy efficient? Take advantage of the Business Advisor Tool by completing an online audit. If your business is categorized as a small or medium business, visit Energy Advisor for more details. Select businesses may be eligible to use an Alternate Tool. If you don't find your account, please contact your Account Manager at (800) 990 - 7788.

Is your business on the Right Rate Plan? The rate analyzer tool can help you identify and recommend the right Time of Use rate plan for your business. You can also compare your projected monthly and annual costs for each rate option. You'll need to be logged into My Account to access this feature.