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Project Areas
Project areas mapProject Area 1
Project Area 1 was the second largest of the Community Development Commission's redevelopment project area, encompassing a total of 982 acres in the southeast portion of the City. When Project Area 1 was adopted in 1974, it was characterized by several of the economic and physical conditions that cause blight.

Project Area 2 - Town Center Project Area
The Town Center Redevelopment Project Area and the Town Center Annex were commonly referred to as Project Area 2, and were located primarily in the central / north-central area of the City. When the Town Center Project was adopted in 1978, the area contained a mix of older commercial and manufacturing uses, with no existing residential uses within the 55 acres. One of the goals set forth in the Redevelopment Plan was to introduce affordable housing into the Project Area 2. In 1980, the Town Center Annex was created and added 56.3 acres to Project Area 2, to create a 111.3-acre project area.

Project Area 3 - Atlantic / Washington Project Area
The Atlantic / Washington Revitalization Project Area commonly referred to as Project Area 3 was adopted in 1984. The project area encompassed 58.6 acres and included primarily commercial and light industrial development, as existing housing in this project area was limited to only a few nonconforming residential structures developed prior to the adoption of the Redevelopment Plan.

Project Area 4
The Community Development Commission implemented a new redevelopment project area in July 1998: Redevelopment Project Area 4. The objectives of the redevelopment project area were the elimination of blight and removal of constraints to new development. The project area’s 1,439 acres were located in the central and eastern portion of the City and encompassed the majority of industrial uses in the City, as well as areas designated for transition into commercial uses.