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Legal Authority for Redevelopment
Authorization & Formation
Authorized by the State of California in 1945, by the Community Redevelopment Act, the Redevelopment Authority was created to address the blighted conditions of many of the nation's large cities including substandard and dilapidated housing conditions. With this act, cities and counties were allowed to establish redevelopment agencies and these agencies were given certain tools to carry out their objectives. Some of these tools included the ability to acquire real property by eminent domain (if necessary) and to develop, sell or transfer property. In addition, agencies were given authority to undertake relocation (when necessary) as well as to finance activities through the sale of bonds or borrowing and planning efforts aimed at revitalizing blighted areas.

The California Health and Safety Code provide the legal framework for redevelopment activities starting at Section 33000, also known as the Community Redevelopment Law (CRL). 

However, the State of California dissolved all Redevelopment Agencies throughout the State including the Commerce Community Development Commission with the passage of Assembly Bills 1X26 and 1X27, which Governor Jerry Brown signed on June 30, 2011.

For additional information, please contact the Community Development Department at (323) 722-4805.