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Business Attraction, Retention & Expansion
Retention & Attraction Programs

The City views an active business retention and attraction program as the best way to improve the economic health and vitality of the entire City. A successful business retention and attraction program will assist the City in addressing blight by creating an environment that encourages reinvestment by the private sector.

To assist in highlighting the City’s business friendly climate, the City of Commerce has been selected as a finalist for two years in a row by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) for the “Most Business Friendly City” for cities under 50,000 population. Criteria for consideration require that cities demonstrate a commitment through programs or policies to assist in the retention, expansion and attraction of businesses vital to the economy of the Southern California region. This includes an overall commitment to excellent customer service and business outreach efforts. The City was selected for the second year as a finalist for this very important recognition.


The City intends to implement processes that will facilitate private sector activities that require City involvement. Activities the City offer include the following:
  • An expedited plan review process;
  • Encouraging reinvestment in the City by offering temporary permit fee reductions or forgiveness on a case by case basis;
  • A permit facilitation team consisting of the various City agencies that provide permit review and issuance to meet with prospective developers and property owners that are interested in doing construction in the City.