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Redevelopment Agency
Commerce Community Development Commission
Jose D. Jimenez
Director of Economic Development and Planning
2535 Commerce Way
Commerce, CA  90040

Ph: (323) 722-4805
Fx: (323) 888-6537

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
The Commerce Community Development Commission (Redevelopment Agency) served as the redevelopment agency for the City of Commerce and implemented redevelopment activities for the City. The commission was activated in 1974 to identify and eliminate blighting conditions and stimulate economic investment within the Community. It was a legal and separate public body, with separate powers and a separate budget from the City. The commission was composed of the five City Council members who acted as commission board members. The city administrator served as executive director.

Redevelopment: The Power of Change
Redevelopment allowed Commerce to move from its history of heavy manufacturing and small single-family pre-World War II homes to the current transitional mix of light manufacturing and services industries, surrounding islands of residential neighborhoods that included senior housing, newer tract homes and multi-family dwellings.

Innovations in Manufacturing & Production
Redevelopment had been a powerful tool to allow Commerce to address the serious challenges associated with the ongoing loss of the industrial base occurring nationally (and the resulting job loss) and its local impacts to Commerce.

Innovations in manufacturing and production methods resulted in industrial plant operations that did not require specialized facilities as was the case in previous years. The commission has been successful in encouraging the recycling of its aged and obsolete industrial plants to meet the needs of modern industry.

Loss of Redevelopment Agencies
The State of California dissolved all Redevelopment Agencies throughout the State including the Commerce Community Development Commission with the passage of Assembly Bills 1X26 and 1X27, which Governor Jerry Brown signed on June 30, 2011.