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Tree Service
Maintenance Schedule Rotation
The Public Works, Tree Crew Division is responsible for tree maintenance of all City trees. Trees are inventoried, trimmed, and maintained on an ongoing basis, by area (i.e., Bandini, Bristow, Rosini, Veteran's, the Village, etc.) and it generally takes 2-3 years to provide a complete tree maintenance program for the entire City. Therefore, it is usually not necessary to call for tree servicing.

Reporting Hazardous Trees
The Division of Public Works welcomes community assistance in identifying and reporting hazardous tree conditions, such as uplifted sidewalks, blocked road signs, blocked signal lights, blocked street lighting, and hanging or downed tree limbs. 

For More Information
If you would like more information or need to report a hazardous condition, please contact Public Works at (323) 887-4451.