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Water Pollution
Reporting Illegal Dumping
To report illegal dumping in catch basins, call (888) - 8DUMPING or email . You can also visit LA County Department of Public Works.

The Facts
  • Every year, over 40 tons of trash washes up on our beaches.
  • Approximately 80% of that trash could have been recycled.
  • Every month, an average of 870,000 cigarette butts are tossed onto streets. They wash into storm drains and onto beaches and into the ocean. Fish and birds swallow the butts and die.
  • Millions are spent cleaning up beaches every year.
  • Just one quart of used motor oil dumped into a catch basin can pollute 250,000 gallons of ocean water. 
  • Runoff from streets, parking lots, yards, and parkways enter the storm drain system through curbside catch basins and flow directly to the L.A. River and out to the ocean untreated.

The Impacts
  • Health risks.
  • Harm to marine life.
  • Beach closure.
  • Fines and possible prosecution for violations.

The Solution
Do not let water runoff your yard, sidewalk or street and into curbside catch basins. Even when not raining, we produce tens of millions of gallons of runoff from car washing, watering and cleaning. Polluted runoff leads straight to the ocean. Anything carried by this runoff such as pesticides, pet waste, oil and anti-freeze from leaking vehicles, containers and plastic bags ends up as trash on the beach and in the ocean harming wildlife and people.  This pollution causes beaches to close after heavy rainstorms. 

Unlike wastewater from inside homes and businesses that flow to sewers and treatment plants, outside runoff water flows to the ocean untreated. 

Report illegal dumping in catch basins at the phone number listed above.