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Together We Can Make A Difference
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Rethink
Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit our community and the environment.

Benefits of Recycling

  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals
  • Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Helps sustain the environment for future generations


The Environmental Defenders Program - Children Are The Future
The Environmental Defenders Rock the Planet - You Can Change the World Tour is a 30 - minute high - energy assembly program that is FREE to all elementary schools in L.A. County. This exciting music - driven show leads students in grades K-6 to identify environmental problems and possible solutions kids can do themselves to reduce pollution.

A favorite of teachers and students alike, the Environmental Defenders assembly is proven to inspire kids to take action and do more to protect the environment.

Schedule The Assembly At Your School:
The assembly is available to all elementary schools in L.A. County once per calendar year. To schedule the Environmental Defenders at your school, submit an Assembly Scheduling Form,
call (310) 551-5375, or refer to the Assembly Flyer.

California's Ban On Plastic Bags
Under the law, stores are required to offer customers recycled paper bags or bags made of compostable material at a cost of at least 10 cents. This bill passing is a step in the right direction, it reduces plastic polluting at the beaches, parks, and the ocean. Learn about the State of California's ban on plastic bags.

Recycle A New Or Used Mattress
California's Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act requires mattress manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for mattresses discarded in the state. For more information visit the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC).

To find a mattress recycler near you, search for a city, state, or zip near you at byebyemattress  or go to the following location:

Gateway Mattress Co., Inc.
624 South Vail
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 725-1923
Website: Gateway Mattress Co., Inc.