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Government Transparency
Public Compensation Disclosure
Because of recent events surrounding the compensation of public officials in other cities, we feel more committed than ever to making sure our City adheres to the highest ideals of government and that we, as leaders, conduct ourselves with honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships.

As members of the City Council, we are dedicated to making certain that we represent Commerce ethically and legally and that no public official betrays the trust of the community. It is important that City of Commerce elected officials and city executives always:
  • Tell the truth
  • Defend the taxpayers' right to know
  • Conduct business openly and honestly to ensure public trust and confidence

For that reason, the City of Commerce is making the compensation of the City Council and city administrator available on the city website. We believe that residents have a right to this information and the city has a responsibility to make it easily available. 

Ensuring Public Accountability & Preserving Public Confidence
Good elected officials and city executives have a responsibility to the taxpayers and members of the community to make sound decisions that benefit present and future generations. City officials must be willing to lead by example and to provide information to the public in a timely manner in order to earn the respect and confidence of the public. We believe our efforts to ensure transparency in government will result in a stronger community and better informed public, thereby ensuring greater community participation.

These reforms will serve to make the operation of the City of Commerce more transparent for all who live and work and play in the Model City.

League of California Cities Standards
We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Commerce and encourage all members of the public to become more active in the city and local government. In order to establish a uniform reporting process the City of Commerce will abide by the standards that the League of California Cities has proposed in the Public Compensation Disclosure Act of 2010. In the event these rules are modified, the City will make all changes necessary to maintain continued public accountability.