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Activity Cards
Resident & Industrial Resident Activity Cards 
Residents may obtain a Resident Activity Card at the Brenda Villa Aquatic Center during the following hours: Monday thru Friday from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Residents must bring their expired Resident Activity card.  When applying for new cards, residents will need to bring a California Driver License or Photo I.D. and documents proving residency in the City. 
  • New and/or Renewal cards: 
  • Resident Card: $5.00
  • Lost cards or replacements:  $5.00

Please note: Municipal Ordinance 9.04.105 prohibits the use of a Resident Activity Card by individuals not authorized by residency to do so. Unauthorized use will result in the individual being charged with an infraction punishable by law. 

At its meeting of January 4, 2011, the City Council approved amendments to Chapter 9.06.025 of the Municipal Code to include penalties for individuals who fraudulently obtain resident cards, as well as penalties for residents who assist others to fraudulently obtain resident cards.  Penalties include the revocation of activity cards for one year and repayment of City services obtained using fraudulent cards.
Requirements for Obtaining a Card 
Any person 18 years of age and older is considered an adult and must bring the following in his/her name:
  • California driver’s license or California ID with their curretn Commerce address. A US passport or Consulate Identification may be used to verify ones identity.
  • A current utility bill (electronic bills with a PDF copy of the statement are acceptable).  If a resident does not have a utility bill in his/her name, three (3) forms of monthly billings with a corresponding Commerce address may be used.
  • Acceptable monthly bills include:  Wireless, Internet provider, pay check stub, credit card bill, Medi-Cal, Social Security, TANF, Child Support documentation, delinquent collection notices, car insurance, college registration, student loan statement, automobile payment, vehicle registration documentation. 

A Resident Activity Card will be issued to children with an original birth certificate when the parent has met the Resident Activity Requirements for an adult.

Adults- Ages 18-27 years old Living with Parents:
Adults must provide a current California driver's license or California ID and parent's current utility bill, or three (3) forms of documentation (see adult) along with parent's current resident card, California driver's license or California ID. 
Senior Citizens
A Permanent Resident Activity Card will be issued to any senior 70 years and older who meets the adult resident requirements.

Non-Resident Grandchildren of Commerce Residents
A Grandchild Resident Activity Card will be issued to a child whose grandparents meet the Resident Acitivity Requirements for an adult and have shown reasonable proof of parentage to obtain this card.  The original birth certificate must be shown to verify age and lineage.  Copies will not be accepted.  Grandchildren residency eligibility expires on their 19th birthday. 
Industrial Activity Cards
A $180 facility fee is applied to industrial residents. This card is valid for one year. The fee will be pro-rated based on the month one joins. The industrial cardholder is entitled to use the physical fitness facilities at Veterans Memorial Park and the Brenda Villa Aquatic Center. Cardholders are also able to participate in adult fitness classes.