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Clean Water Clean Beaches Measure
The Clean Water, Clean Beaches Measure is an opportunity for Los Angeles County residents to reduce harmful trash and pollution in our waterways and protect local sources of drinking water from contamination. The measure would provide $270 million in funding for innovative stormwater projects. The County of Los Angeles Flood Control District is proposing an annual clean water fee to fund the Clean Water, Clean Beaches program. If passed by voters, a fee would be assessed on property owners based on the amount of runoff generated by their property. The fees would provide dedicated funding that could only be used for pollution prevention cleaning up local waterways, and innovative infrastructure projects that capture stormwater before it enters our waterways.  

For more information visit: Clean Water, Clean Beaches.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to postpone the measure to work out remaining details.To voice your support learn more about the next steps.