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Employee Benefits
Benefit Summary for City of Commerce Full-Time Employees
The following information is a brief description of benefits available for full-time employees. (For part-time employee benefits please click here: Part-Time Employee Benefits. To view Executive Management benefits, please click here: Executive Management Fringe Benefits).

Health Benefits
City paid Medical up to a cap of the monthly premium for employees and eligible dependants. Employees may choose from six insurance plans:

  • Blue Shield Access +  
  • Blue Shield Net Value
  • Anthem Select HMO
  • Anthem Traditional HMO 
  • Kaiser of California
  • Health Net Smart Care
  • Health Net Salud y Mas
  • PERS Care 
  • PERS Choice 
  • PERS Select

Vision Coverage Provided by VSP (Vision Service Provider)
The City pays 100% of the monthly premium for employees and eligible dependants. This benefit includes one eye exam, one pair of lenses and a one-year supply of contact lenses per year.

Dental Coverage Provided by UMR
The City pays 100% of the monthly premium for employees and eligible dependants. The maximum benefit per calendar year per covered person is $2,000. The lifetime maximum benefit for orthodontic expenses per covered person is $3,000.

Life Insurance
Every full-time employee is provided Term life insurance equal to his/her annual salary with a maximum of $150,000.

Short-Term Disability Standard Insurance
Full-time employees must be employed a minimum of 30 days prior to receiving short-term disability benefits. There is a 29-day waiting eligibility period, and the maximum allotted time period is 180 days.

Long-Term Disability Standard Insurance
Coverage begins when an employee’s disability period exceeds the 180th day timeline under short-term disability. The maximum allotted time period is determined by age when the disability begins.

Public Employers Retirement System (PERS) Retirement Benefit
A new employee who is not a member of CalPERS or is a former CalPERS member who has been out of  CalPERS for six (6) months or more will be eligible to enroll in the City’s 2% @ 62 Defined Benefit Pension Plan as of January 1, 2013.   Effective July 1, 2013, NEW CalPERS employee members will commence paying an employee contribution of 6.75%.

See the CalPers Retirement Plan booklet or visit their 
website for more detailed and valuable plan information, including a retirement benefit calculator.

Deferred Compensation
The City contributes $25 per pay period and shall match an employee’s deferred compensation in an amount not to exceed 3% of the employee’s gross salary contribution per pay period.

Education Reimbursement
The City pays 100% of college education tuition and related costs at the Cal State University rate. Employees also receive a bonus of $50 per month for each college degree earned beyond the requirements for the classification he/she holds. Additional eligibility requirements may apply. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The City pays 100% of the monthly premium for employees and eligible household members. Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling (877) 851-1631. This free and confidential brief counseling and referral service is designed to help employees and their household members resolve personal matters that may impact their work or home life.

Easy Eight Trip Reduction Program
Employees are eligible to participate in the Easy Eight Trip Reduction Program. Employees who carpool eight (8) days in a month are eligible to receive $25 per month for ridesharing / carpooling.

Additional Benefits
  • 12 paid annual holidays
  • Administrative leave: The City offers 80 hours of administrative leave per year for exempt employees
  • Aflac insurance: This is available to employees at employee cost
  • City offers Pre-Tax flexible spending accounts, up to a maximum of $2,500 each per year
  • Computer Purchase Loan Program is available to eligible employees
  • Credit Union: City employees are eligible to join the F&A Federal Credit Union
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Generous vacation, sick leave and bereavement leave