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Social Services
Moyra Garcia
Social Services Coordinator

Ed Saucedo
Social Services Coordinator

2535 Commerce Way
Commerce, CA  90040

Ph: (323) 722-4805 ext 2386
Ph: (323) 722-4805 ext 2385
Fx: (323) 838-4256

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
The City of Commerce Social Services staff provides referrals to local, state and other agencies best qualified to assist you. Social Services staff may also communicate with these agencies on your behalf to explain special circumstances. All programs offered by social services are at no cost.

Special Needs Survey

Assistance in Case Management
Social services specialists are available to assist the residents who have difficulty understanding paperwork necessary for applying to federal, state and local programs. (i.e., SSI, AFDC, Medical). A current Commerce resident card is required to participate.
Delinquency Prevention
In an effort to prevent juvenile delinquency in the City of Commerce, the Social Services Division has developed early intervention, educational and informative programs for pre-delinquent youth. Social Services specialists refer troubled parents to professionals who can help

Educational Seminars
These educational sessions provide a forum to discuss current topics affecting the city and its residents (i.e., drugs, gangs and graffiti). Residents have the opportunity to express their opinions and suggest viable solutions for dealing with current issues of concern.

Independent Studies (MUSD) 

Alternative school through the Montebello Unified School District (MUSD). The Independent Studies Program is designed for youth between the ages of 13 and 18 years. The goal of the program is to allow each youth the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or pass the GED examination. We also seek to motivate and prepare the students to continue in their education past the high school level.

Learn more from the Montebello Unified School District -  MUSD 

Parent Education

On occasion, some people need assistance in dealing with everyday family problems. These classes are free, for adults only, and  does not require preregistration. For more information, please call the Public Safety & Community Services Department at (323) 722-4805 ext. 4460.

English Classes          
  • Thursday
  • 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • City of Commerce - City Hall
    Community Services Conference Room
    2535 Commerce Way
    (323) 887-4460              
Spanish Classes         
  • Tuesday
  • 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Bristow Park Community Center
    1466 South McDonnell Avenue
     (323) 269-5603

    Other Services 
  • Abulance Reimbursement Program  Available year round
  • Taxi Vouchers and Bus Tokens - Available year round    
  • Employment Referral Services - Available year round
  • Holiday Cheer Program - Registrations begin the first Tuesday in October
  • Low-Income Tax Preparation - Referrals available 

Note: The Public Safety & Community Services Department does not offer court-ordered community service hours.