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Do I need to apply in person?
If your business is physically located in the City, it's best to apply in person. However most of the process can be handled by email, provided the application is complete and payment for both the inspection and business license tax have been submitted.

In most cases, if your business is located outside of the City limits, your business license can be processed by mail or email.

Business License

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1. Who needs a business license?
2. When should I apply for a business license?
3. Do I need to apply in person?
4. How much does it cost?
5. Are there penalties for not obtaining a business license?
6. My location did not pass inspection. What do I need to do?
7. How do I schedule a re-inspection?
8. What if I move to a new location within the City?
9. What if I have a current business license and establish a separate business from the same location?
10. What if I expand my business to another location(s) within the City?
11. Are there different requirements for home-based businesses?
12. Do non-profit organizations need a business license?
13. What other things may I need?
14. What if I shut down my business or move away?
15. Why do some businesses need to submit a "Certification Statement" with their business license renewal notice and payment?
16. Who is considered an Employee for Business License tax purposes?
17. Do I need to report employees that worked only a day or two?
18. What happens if I don't provide the requested information?